7 To 12 Weeks D&C Abortion


D&C stands for dilation and suction evacuation. This is an abortion procedure that can be carried out for pregnancies which are between seven and twelve weeks old. Our team of highly qualified doctors and nurses will ensure that you undergo the procedure safely and everything goes on smoothly until you recover fully.

How it is done


Once you book an appointment with our doctors, they will first of all examine the pregnancy and ensure that the pregnancy size is as stipulated. You will then be given a consent form to sign and some further blood tests will be done. The doctors will also go ahead and check if you have any other medical complications so as to make adequate preparations.

Before this procedure starts, you will need not to have taken anything at least a few hours prior to the start of the procedure. Thus it is important to do some fasting for a few hours to make sure that you have an empty stomach.

The next step is the doctors will administer an anaesthetic. This will ensure that you wouldn’t be able to feel any pain during the whole medical termination of pregnancy procedure. However, there is still an option of using local anaesthetics that doesn’t completely put you to sleep but a better option could be to use the general anaesthetic.

Once on anaesthetics and asleep, the doctors will continue with the procedure by dilating the cervix. Once the cervix is dilated, suction evacuation is done which removes the products of the conception. This is a short process and should take only a few minutes. After all the products of the conception have been removed and the uterus confirmed empty, the doctors will check for any bleeding and if there is none, the process will be considered complete.

Finally the doctors will give you some painkillers as well as antibiotics which will help ease the post procedure pain as well as prevent any infection. You will then have a bed rest for few hours where you will also be served with something to eat and drink. After a good rest and if you are able to pass urine without any discomfort you will be discharged to go home.

After the procedure

After you have been released from hospital you can resume your normal duties without major problems. However you may experience minor bleeding for few days but this is not something that should worry you. You will also be able to experience your periods in four weeks’ time and the cycle will resume as normal.

After this procedure it would also be prudent to discuss with your doctor regarding contraceptives. Our doctors will give you good advice on contraceptives and they will offer guidance on how to administer and manage contraceptives. Please be informed that the hospital or doctors do not do any form of sex determination, sex selective or illegal abortions. All procedures are done in full compliance with Indian law and in accordance with the highest international medical standards to ensure patient safety and well-being.

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