Upto 7 Weeks With Abortion Pills


Abortion with pills

This is one of the safest ways to have an abortion. However, this method is only safe for pregnancies in the first trimester and up to seven weeks old.  Nonetheless you need the guidance of a qualified doctor to administer the dosage as well as follow up on any developments that may occur.

The procedure

When you come to our clinic, the gynecologists will assess the nature of the pregnancy and then give the go-ahead to proceed with pills. On day one the doctor will give you a tablet called mifepristone. This medication is in the form of a tablet and after it has been administered you will be allowed to go home and proceed with your normal duties. Mifepristone basically works by stopping the hormones that makes it conducive for a woman to sustain a pregnancy. These are the hormones that make the uterus lining grow so as to sustain a pregnancy. Thus, this drug inhibits the growth of the uterus lining.

Day 2, after administering the first tablet will be a normal day or with the possibility of having some bleeding similar to the menstrual cycle. This is not a painful experience and the discomfort is minimal.

On day 3, you will be asked to take a second set of tablets. These tablets are called prostaglandins. They can be administered orally, inserted in the vagina or you me asked to put them under the tongue. These tablets will induce some cramping, with some mild cramping pain. Bleeding similar to the menstrual cycle though slightly heavier and longer will follow. In this process, the products of the pregnancy will come out.

The last step

The last step of this procedure will be a follow up plan. Our doctors are very professional and thus they will give you a follow up plan so as to ensure that everything happens normally as it should.

You will be asked to come back for check-up after few days. Here, a sonography will be done to ensure that all the products of the conception are gone and that your womb is in good shape. Other tests such as blood tests or urine tests will be done to ensure that there isn’t any pregnancy hormone in your body and that you are good to go.

Why choose this process?

This process is very safe. The process also does not require any admission to hospitals and the tablets are taken in private, with no surgeries or instrument insertions into the womb. Furthermore, once the bleeding starts, it’s like a menstrual period and you won’t have much inconvenience.

Complications are at a minimal and rare to happen if the tablets have been administered well and in the right dosage.

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