12 To 20 Weeks


India is among the countries that offer legal and safe medical termination of pregnancy.  Abortion is legal for up to 20 weeks of the second trimester.  There are rules stipulated by the law which we follow to the letter ensuring that everything is done professionally and according to the law.

How it is done


For a second trimester abortion of between 12 to 20 weeks, approval has to be given by two medical practitioners or doctors. Thus, once you come to our hospital the pregnancy will be examined fully and two doctors will sign on the consent form giving authorization to the procedure. At the second trimester, abortion can be done in quite a number of ways and the procedure to be used will be determined by the doctor’s preferences and recommendation or requirements of the regulatory authority.

After the doctors have decided on the safest method to use, you will be admitted to the hospital for about 1 to 2 days. You will be taken to the procedure room where medicines will be used to induce contractions which will lead to the expulsion of the foetus. After the foetus is out, the placenta will follow. After these two procedures you will be allowed to rest for a few hours and once you feel well and strong again you will be discharged to go home. Normally the doctors will give you antibiotics and analgesics after the procedure to prevent infection and ease the pain.

In some cases there might be challenges experienced and the placenta might not come out fully or some part of it may remain in the uterus. In this case the doctors will take you to the theatre where a surgical operation will be done under anesthesia to remove the placenta. However this is a very short procedure and you will be well in very few hours.

Some women will normally experience some form of bleeding for a few days after the procedure. However this is normally light bleeding and should not be a cause of concern. In other cases women might also feel the fullness of the breasts and our doctors will give you some form of medication to ensure that this does not happen.

Our doctors will also provide a follow up plan to ensure that you are safe and in case of any anomaly they will be at hand to help you any way. After the whole procedure, further tests might be done just to ensure that everything is fine and you are in healthy and perfect condition. You can also discuss with our doctors about contraception and how to start it if required.

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